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Summer Gang
7" $6.30


HHBTM 128 

***Their fans south of the border may call them ‘Las Siestas,’ but AFTERNOON NAPS are wide awake and snapping their fingers. Cramming their songs with chord after glorious chord, stuffing them with hook after catchy hook, this music makes you want to open the windows, shake the dust out of your curtains, and finally get around to cleaning your house. Based in Ohio, the AftNaps know what it’s like to suffer through another winter, paralyzed by stiff joints and frozen toes. Their new one-sided 7-inch is a triumph of sunshine over rust, of enthusiasm over entropy. Irresistable. RIYL: Felt, Orange Juice, Aisler’s Set. Limited to 300 copies in matchbook silkscreened and die cut sleeve. Includes a digital download.