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***"The work of prolific Los Angeles producer M. GEDDES GENGRAS is often discussed in terms of 'vibes.' This is fair enough, given the wandering modular synth experiments for which he’s known (not to mention his warmer forays into dub alongside SUN ARAW and his stated late-blooming appreciation for the Dead). Lest such language imply a relaxed sort of grooviness, however, his latest full-length—a double LP comprising four barely-discrete compositions, each around 18 minutes—extends into more anxious territory. Composed and recorded over the last six years, Interior Architecture is so expansive that it can be hard for the listener to find her footing. What’s rewarding, in addition to the lush and liquid sound of Gengras’ indulgent approach, is that very experience of instability. It’s more pronounced than in his previous releases, and here takes on a psychological dimension."—Pitchfork (7.0 rating)

2XLP $29.75

09/16/2016 659696419919 


MP3 $8.99

09/23/2016 659696419919 


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09/23/2016 659696419919 


***Chassis is the undercarriage, the skeletal core of a car. Any seasoned racecar driver knows the chassis gotta be true, intact. PSYCHIC REALITY (est. 2009 by LEYNA NOEL, formerly of POCAHAUNTED) grew up in the dirt of the pits, scrutinizing wrecks in all their Days of Thunder carnage. Here’s the track law: after a smash-up the body can always be replaced, but not the core. So you care for it. With everything you got. In 2013 Psychic Reality’s own pile-up took her to Portmore, Jamaica. Kingston. Where, with friend and pit crew collaborator M. GEDDES GENGRAS she re-shaped. Hard. What about the leftover skid marks, the rubber-coated gravelly smear? They’re all aurally here. Revving in the interval following Vibrant New Age (Not Not Fun, 2011), Psychic Reality’s second full length record Chassis, makes tracks like when road ice melts under a hot engine, the path wet and revealing. The contrast between soft and hard dragging out the leftover grit. Chassis is also the ribs of an electronic device, a bare circuit board. This particular board (with audile contributions by DAMON ELIZA PALERMO of MAGIC TOUCH), CAMERON STALLONES of SUN ARAW and Gengras) makes ambient vocal tides. Each track as it appears on the record is ecosystemic, body electric in scope. But beneath the surface is another song, a tensile core for lung-power only that can be sung in a room. These are songs of distention, elongation. Bodies held at an intimate distance. Sonic spaces that stretch so far you fall...

LP $19.25


IA 008 

MP3 $8.91

05/05/2015 642610484148 


FLAC $9.90

05/05/2015 642610484148 


Pharaohs (surprisingly not a surf band, considering their name and proximity to Los Angeles) cover a range of styles on their newest three-track 12-inch for Intercoastal Artists. Epic opener “Manhunter” sounds like the mutant grandchild of no-wave / “Naïve Funk” late-1970s / early-1980s New York City. Think 99 Records, Sleeping Bag or ZE, throw in some Madchester, then tiptoe past Gottsching’s E2-E4, and you’re close. If Arthur Russell (RIP) guested on this track, it wouldn’t be a surprise. The other two cuts are roughly new age, but with one distinction—the filth oozing off the sax on “Nature Lovers” is more shocking and sleazy than any Wolf Eyes track. Of course, shocking in the most serene way possible. That said, either could be a lost backing track to an early Roxy Music album. The only things missing are Bryan Ferry’s voice and Eno’s plummage. File this alongside R&S or Transmat releases, or even Blurt, Pigbag or A Certain Ratio records. More on the nose, listen to this while watching the elevator scene in Drive. Pharaohs feature Alejandro Cohen (co-founder of legendary SoCal radio station / multimedia scenemakers Dublab) and Sam Cooper alongside newest members Diego Herrera (a.k.a. Suzanne Kraft) and Casey Butler (Stellar Rahim). 2013 has already seen a flurry of Pharaohs activity: they garnered high praise for their recently released LP on 100% Silk and 12-inch on ESP, receiving nods from Pitchfork, The Fader, XLR8R, Ad Hoc, and the list continues. Manhunter is by far their furthest step forward. Seriously,...

12" $12.00

10/29/2013 655035699219 

IA 007 

MP3 $2.97

10/01/2013 655035699219 


Ecstasy And Refreshment by Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid

Ecstasy And Refreshment
Intercoastal Artists

Food Pyramid’s new LP Ecstasy and Refreshment calls to mind Sky Records’ 1970s kraut-pop output filtered through 1990s DC futurism—Trans Am-esque motorik pop, Game Boy console sound effects and the current Mordant Music roster, particularly Echoplekz. Disembodied voices float in and out of the mix, reminiscent of Byrne / Eno’s ethnomusicology-inspired My Life in the Bush of Ghosts or The Residents’ Eskimo. There is a strange post-DC vibe here, much like if Dischord Records’ Black Eyes played ambient synth-jams instead of Wire-y punk.The record also calls to mind Cloudland Canyon, perhaps not surprising since Kip Uhlhorn from that band mastered Ecstasy and Refreshment and is helping to release it to a wider audience. Jana Hunter from Lower Dens, Nona Invie from Dark Dark Dark, and Tony Janas and Otto Junker from Deep Earth lent their collaborative efforts as well.

LP $16.00

07/23/2013 655035699110 

IA 006 LP 

CD $12.00

07/23/2013 655035699127 

IA 006 CD 

MP3 $7.92

07/23/2013 655035699127 


MP3 $3.99

12/01/2012 655035045412 

IA 014 

MP3 $4.99

07/01/2012 655035044613 

IA 006 

***This is both bands first 7-inch record and they chose to (selflessly) pay homage to GALAXIE 500. CLOUDLAND CANYON (Holy Mountain, Kranky, Tee Pee) steps out from behind the curtain to reveal just a little bit about themselves and their influences. Galaxie 500 filled the gap between the Velvet Underground and the American branch of shoegaze, exemplified by the Lilys, Ropers, Slumberland Records (etc.). Cloudland Canyon has taken Galaxy 500’s “Temperature’s Rising” (from Today), along with all of these aforesaid influences, and pushed them further out, out, out into outer space. How can you stare at your shoes when you’re this far out? Cloudland Canyon! Meanwhile CITAY (Dead Oceans) display their musical prowess and courage by tackling the revered “Tugboat.” Citay are known for making 21st century prog, though this doesn’t become apparent until the end of the track. Mostly, they do a straight, maybe even a little stripped down, cover of this pop masterpiece. Citay, nay EZRA FEINBERG, spent some time in PIANO MAGIC and this cover should do his former mates proud. This track also appears on the Citay’s new album Dream Get Together on Dead Oceans, but is best heard as a single.

7" $7.25



Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004 by Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon

Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004
Intercoastal Artists

MP3 $9.90

06/05/2006 655035045313 

IA 013