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***On this epic split, Denmark gives us the bleak, avant-garde black-metal meets hardcore approach of HEXIS, while Sweden delivers the aural assault of technical hardcore via black sludge from THIS GIFT IS A CURSE. No ears will be the same after listening to the over 11 minutes of darkened noise these bands have offered here. Complete with over-the-top packaging and frightening artwork from JONAS HOLMBERG, this long-awaited split record is the epitome of extreme music today. Beautifully presented in Arigato fold-out covers, with printed inner-sleeves, and pressed on 70-gram heavy-weight vinyl.

7" $7.25


KOTM 051 

***The first full length release from LUSITANIA (Phoenix, AZ). Deviant and terrorizing Black Metal featuring members of GAY KISS, DEALING, SACRED FLOWERS and DETACHED OBJECTS. A voice of the total loss of all hope. You're completely justified in your murderous rage, knowing that you'll find no solace in this life sentence with no retribution. For fans of cold-blooded malice and no looking back. Missing for twenty-five years and never coming back. War is hell. Featuring artwork and photos by Mike Martinez and liner notes by Max G Morton.

LP $10.25


KOTM 048 

Suffer The Storm / Suffering Luna With The Astronaut King by Suffering Luna With The Astronaut King / Suffer The Storm

Suffering Luna With The Astronaut King / Suffer The Storm

Suffer The Storm / Suffering Luna With The Astronaut King
King Of The Monsters

***SUFFERING LUNA’s feral offering, “Most High” walks the line between mammoth-sized doom and psychotic noise, creating an almost trance-like listening experience. Fans of early Cavity, Grief and 16 will be sure to devour this potent piece of noise inspired psych-doom. Suffering Luna has been pushing their brand of psychedelic hardcore since the 1990s, surfacing from the underground to play and record with power violence, doom, and crust bands around Southern California as both Suffering Luna and CHRISTFALL, eventually disappearing back into a haze of smoke for years at a time. SUFFER THE STORM’s twenty-two minute droning funeral hymn, “Squalor,” takes the listener on an unforgiving trip to the deepest depths of human filth, despair and misanthropy. Guttural death metal-esque vocals pave the way for this absolutely devastating slab of doom. Samples and various atmospherics help to enhance the mood of grim foreboding, and bring the listener closer to the edge of the abyss. Fans of Winter and Moss will not be disappointed. Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley in the apocalyptic landscape of East LA, Suffer The Storm features members of LIFE IN EXILE, GUERILLA SABOTAGE UNIT, and FUNERAL DOGS.

LP $9.25


KOTM 046 

Tales Of Blood & Fire by Uzala


Tales Of Blood & Fire
King Of The Monsters

***After a sold out debut album (At War With False Noise Records) and a successful tour of the US, Boise/Portland’s UZALA are set to unleash their second album Tales Of Blood & Fire featuring five tracks of their own unique take on psychedelic doom. The album was recorded at Witch Ape Studio by TAD DOYLE (TAD, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth) it was mixed/mastered at Soli Studio by MELL DETTMER (Sunn O))), Boris, Earth, Wolves In The Throne Room, Wolvserpent).  Comes with booklet insert and housed in Stoughton jackets (CD version in gatefold Stoughton jacket).

LP $18.15


KOTM 45 

CD $12.00



***Originally released on Halloween 2012 in an edition of 99 copies on 1/4" tape reels by Auris Apothecary. Become thematically focuses on the manifestation of vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. Completed in the Autumn of 2012, Become serves to bridge the gap between Behind the Throne (Magic Bullet Records 2012) and the Monument of Decay release (Black Horizons 2013). Presented in lavish Stoughton tip-on jackets, featuring beautiful Pantone metallic gold and black offset printing. Limited 351 copies on black vinyl.

LP $22.35


KOTM 44 

A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands by Agarttha


A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands
King Of The Monsters

***From the backward special theatre of archetypes, AGARTTHA is a flashing journey into the past dream of a gypsy moth whom powder ferries the listener into the twists and turns of unconscious among the remote architectures of black pointed stones and echoes of warmth and light. Agarttha is the solo project of the italian musician FRANCESCA MARONGLU, already in ARCHITEUTHIS REX (Utech Records) along with Antonio Gallucci. A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands is inspired by the namesake book of Sendivogius, a Polish pioneer in alchemical studies and it deals with the Jungian archetypes, in particular with the apocalyptic dreams and premonitions of the daughter of Jung friend, an 8 year old child which dreamed for awhile about death symbols and drew them in a small book before dying of an improvise and fatal illness.

LP $14.75


KOTM 040 

***Harking back to the ‘90s when sludge & power violence bands went arm in arm. MOLOCH follow their splits with Thou (Southern Lord) and Rot in Hell (Deathwish) with one pained and doomed HC sludge track. CLOSURE pound through their final ever 4 tracks of fast / slow powerviolence.Closure have gone on to be in—ROT IN HELL, PERSPEX FLESH, ANGUISH and VINEGAR STROKES. Brutal and ugly. A split release between Feast Of Tentacles (UK) and King Of The Monsters (US).

7" $5.40


KOTM 039 

***“Realms of the Queen is an astonishing furtherance of (SERVILE SECT’s) strange and lonesome rage pealing from the bowels of a god-forsaken earth to the endless scree of the cosmos. An essential document for anyone investigating the forbidden zones of elusive black thought.” Realms was originally released early 2011 on Ecstatic Peace as CD only and KOTM is proud to release a limited vinyl version of this important document of 'sci-fi centric black metal’. Servile Sect had a busy year with the release of Realms followed by their album Trvth (Handmade Birds) which sold out in the blink of an eye as well as several tape outputs on Land Of Decay and Handmade Birds. Limited to 214 copies on clear vinyl with glow in the dark splatter artwork designed by Viraloptic (Kevin from Sutekh Hexen). 

LP $23.15