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Recorded in 1968 or 1969, this one sided, one song single was issued with their class of '69 high school yearbook. Not sure how they got that one past the principal! Very rare garage rock from Long Island reissued with the B Side playing backwards.

7" $9.75


MMM 031 

When Christine Comes Around Demo / Jezebel by Grudge / Laurice

Grudge / Laurice

When Christine Comes Around Demo / Jezebel
Mighty Mouth Music

***Out of the closet in into your greasy paws comes another hard 7” from LAURICE. By now the story behind "Christine" is the stuff of dimestore legend; if your whistle wasn't wet after Best of Laurice Vol. 1, go no further. For those who took the challenge like a greedy little pig and needed more, here's "Christine" stripped down to her raw and revealing essence. Dripping with snot and oozing proto punk pus like a popped pimple, Laurice, recording as GRUDGE in 1973, proves once again why the world needed over 30 years to catch up to the bubbleglam vision he so masterfully manifested. Never to be taken for a one-pump-chump, Laurice gives us a backside with some sweet-talking aftercare from a lover with an appetite for self-abuse. While the Welshman wails like a demon with the throat of an angel over lysergic-soaked guitars, "Jezebel" will leave you spent and broke and thirsty for another ride. AVI SPIVAK's luridly rendered custom sleeve seals the deal. Get it while the getting’s good, sugar.

7" $9.25


MMM 030 

***In the mid-70s, Welsh musician/producer LAURICE bridged the gap separating tuff psychedelia and camp glam rock. Now, the Master of Camp does it again! Bad Boy, the brand new album by Laurice, covers many styles of the rock genre, including punk, metal, space rock, pop, and yes, glam rock. Plus, there is a surprise bonus track: a rollicking updated version of his 1972 punk rock classic “When Christine Comes Around,” originally recorded with his band GRUDGE. Bad Boy is destined to become a classic by the discerning listener and is a terrific new chapter in the career of this 75-year-old veteran of the global music scene. 200 pressed. Comes in hand-numbered silk-screened jacket.

LP $17.75


MMM 029 

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  "Finally, I stumbled upon something that I felt existed—a recorded material by an original eighties rock'n'roll band from Baton Rouge. ZOOMERS came from the same bayou as this radio show, our good old town—but these boys ain't swamp kids. This is a mind-altering, exciting, fast post-punk piece, rock'n'roll jewel by three local guys taking roads less taken and getting where no other band went before. But don't get me wrong, this is not so weird, that you might have difficulties getting into it. It's very much strongly embedded in a good old rock'n'roll tradition. You can hear Modern Lovers, '60s nuggets, Bowie even psychedelia in these grooves, but what really happens is that these dudes without any pretensions achieved something what many other more serious bands just strive for. Legend says that they were stoned out of mind recording this album, but it looks like drugs hit some special creative spots in heads of these people so it all came out perfect. Certainly, something that our local Baton Rouge bands could get a lesson from if nothing else. After a DIY cassette release in 1981, this is finally available on vinyl.

LP $17.75

06/01/2018 0630125570142 

MMM 025 

***Long out-of-print single sides from a composer and musician who is one half of the cult UK symphonic-rock band, NIRVANA.

7" $9.25



Little Victories 1978-85 by Buhl, J.d.

Buhl, J.d.

Little Victories 1978-85
Mighty Mouth Music

***J.D. BUHL is Berkeley, California's best-kept pop secret. After fronting an early version of late-70s new wave group THE JARS he led his own band THE BELIEVERS through the first half of the 1980s. These bands existed during an exciting period of music history, a time when pop-driven rock n' roll had no rules, expectations or boundaries. Little Victories 1978-1985 handpicks twelve songs from the rare and out of print J.D. Buhl catalog (some unreleased) and presents them in a complete, cohesive collection. J.D. says it best, as he describes his songwriting as being "clever and hooky, about drive, feel and guitar riffs and out to capture imaginations." If you're a sucker for passionate vocals and music with a danceable beat, give J.D. Buhl a listen. Recommended for fans of the Nerves, Paul Collins Beat, the Plimsouls, the Go-Gos, the Textones, Joe "King" Carrasco and the Fleshtones.

LP $17.75

02/03/2017 0664992476207 

MMM 026 

When Sixteen Wasn't So Sweet by Moondogs


When Sixteen Wasn't So Sweet
Mighty Mouth Music

***"One afternoon in October of 1979, smack in the middle of my dreams after a night on the graveyard shift, I was awakened by an insistent knocking on the door of my apartment. If it wasn't my old friend DANNY, along with two guys I had never laid eyes on. One was carrying various pieces of drum set. The other held a bass. Danny and I had been in a cover band together when I was in high school and he was just out. We had fallen out of touch for a few years. He had gotten married, tried to go straight and narrow, donated his guitar and amp to the church. As of late he'd been darkening my doorstep on a regular basis. I owned two guitars. I showed him some songs I'd written and we'd flail away at them for hours, Danny singing sweet harmony. Now what? I stepped aside and they piled through the doorway and began to set up their equipment. Turns out the other two were brothers, TIM on drums and GREG on bass. We blasted away the afternoon. When a hazy dusk was falling over Canoga Park, I opened the front door for a breath of fresh air and the neighbors gave us a standing ovation. I thought, 'This is it…We're bound for stardom.' Man, was I ever wrong. Things fall apart, as all things must. This record, if nothing else, says 'The Moondogs were here.'"

LP $17.75

01/06/2017 664992476177 

MMM 022 

Pinball Summer (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Boivin, Jay & Germain Gauthier

Boivin, Jay & Germain Gauthier

Pinball Summer (original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Mighty Mouth Music

***"A cynical studio synthesis of the best pop of the late last decade—Sparks, Nick Lowe, Dwight Twilley, Todd Rundgren—updated with all the right New Wave and Palovian power pop flourishes—20/20, Shoes, Cars, Cheap Trick—guaranteed to bring all the boys to the yard. The work of studio musician and composer tandem JAY BOIVIN and GERMAIN GAUTHIER who have really done their homework with dumber-than-dumb lyrics and hooks bigger than some of the holes in this movie’s almost perfunctory plot. You’d be forgiven for mistaking the title track for a lost Speedies cut or ‘Summer Girls’ for the ultimate, sell-out 10cc soft-rocker. There’s rockers as well, like the Raspberries-styled ode to the blonde, high-waisted-jean-and-no-bra-wearing female character ‘Sally Joy,’ which wonderfully and mindlessly rhymes the words ‘chance,’ ‘dance’ and ‘pants’ in a verse that rivals the early Beach Boys. I’d also like to imagine some prospective, post-prom stud putting on ‘Voyeur’s Motel’ as he starts up his father’s car and his date melting in the passenger seat."

LP $19.25

09/16/2016 0664992476221 

MMM 019 

***LAURICE is an out and out pioneer both of music and gay activism, and decided to make GAYDAR a sexual calling card for his fans around the world. This album is totally gay from the first track to the last. "Brokeback Mountain" leads the pack with a stomping rock dance beat that entertains from beginning to end. The hot sexual heat of "Big Boy," "Hot Malibu Nights" and "Fantasy Man" will shock the listener with its lewd upfront lyrics. "Down The Road," "Busted" and "Party" highlight the hang loose lifestyles of some in the gay subculture. With a more thoughtful and pounding dance beat, "Fly" and the titled "GAYDAR" track draw attention to the sexual longing of the older gay man sometimes in hot pursuit of a younger punk to decorate bedroom and dungeon sex antics. The final track, "Sugar Sugar" is the well known pop standard with a very decided gay slant to the lyric. Laurice was asked to send in a version of the song for a New York radio charity show. The record company liked it so much that they decided to include it on the album.

LP $17.75


MMM 017 

CD $9.25


MMM 017 CD 

***A three-song EP of 1970s recordings from CHARLIE TWEDDLE. Only 100 pressed. Comes in silk-screened jacket.

12" $25.95


MMM 018 

***Third installment of this backwards running Best Of series. Contains these hits and more: "Till The Stroke Of Dawn," "San Francisco Francisco," "Raw Power," and "Fancy Woman." Comes housed in a silk-screened jacket with lyric insert and liner notes. Only 200 pressed.

LP $17.75


MMM 015 

***Born and raised in Kentucky but calling Northern California home for some time now, CHARLIE TWEDDLE is an outsider polymath: musician, artist, taxidermist, designer of cowboy hats. And while that last one (imagine a wearable ten-gallon peyote trip) brought him a degree of notoriety among a certain swath of the showbiz elite beginning in the early seventies (Cher and Reggie Jackson are fans of his hats), it's his music that has been peaking the curiosity of underground and private press fiends for some years now. On Knee Deep Blues, the third release of the oddball troubadour's work from the Mighty Mouth label, Tweddle presents a more straightforward roots sound, albeit one still stridently unconcerned with any sort of commercial acceptance. Comprising simple, stripped-down blues and country numbers about forlorn, heartbroken loners and the bartenders who love them, the set finds Tweddle slightly askew of rebel songwriters like Townes Van Zandt or Blaze Foley, but still places him firmly within that tradition. While it doesn't have any extended forays into hillbilly musique concrète, a la side two of Fantastic Greatest Hits, Knee Deep Blues is indeed a Charlie Tweddle record, so don't be surprised to hear a croaking frog accompanying a slide riff or a squawking chicken giving Charlie some vocal assistance. To wit, this isn't exactly your daddy's country music, unless of your course your daddy is a milliner with a penchant for hallucinatory taxidermy.   For all of his eccentricities, though, Tweddle is at heart a unique and...

LP $17.75


MMM 016 

Fantastic Greatest Hits by Tweddle, Charlie

Tweddle, Charlie

Fantastic Greatest Hits
Mighty Mouth Music

***Deluxe all-analog reissue of the 1974 private press classic cut direct from the master tapes. Born and raised in Kentucky but calling Northern California home for some time now, CHARLIE TWEDDLE is an outsider polymath: musician, artist, taxidermist, designer of cowboy hats. And while that last one (imagine a wearable ten-gallon peyote trip) brought him a degree of notoriety among a certain swath of the showbiz elite beginning in the early seventies (Cher and Reggie Jackson are fans of his hats), it's his music that has been peaking the curiosity of underground and private press fiends for some years now. A beguiling patchwork of lo-fi country, warped folk, and way-gone found sounds, Tweddle's 1974 self-released opus Fantastic Greatest Hits is back in print for the first time in decades The estimable chronicler of all things underground and way out the late Patrick Lundborg dubbed Fantastic "one of the major pieces in the Fringe of Everything genre." Indeed, the album is clearly the work of a rustic iconoclast following his own hidden path, yet there is something peculiarly inviting at play here as well. The A-side comes off like a lysergic hootenanny that shares as much in common with Mike Rep and first-generation Shrimper tapes on the one hand as it does with Townes Van Zandt and Mickey Newbury on the other; while the B-side is a sort of Americana concrete piece where the gentle beat of the earth takes over, full of crickets and the wind. Cosmic country indeed. 

2XLP $31.50

01/20/2015 793283499950 

MMM 012 

***CHARLIE TWEDDLE, aka THE MIDNITE PLOWBOY, is an internationally known visual and performing artist currently living in Santa Cruz, CA. Born in Pickneyville, Kentucky, Tweddle sang as he plowed the fields. “I smelled the soil and watched the worms crawl as the earth and the grass came forth. When I sang, I smelled the ground beneath my feet and the sweat from the horses as they pulled the plow. I've changed some. I've got silver in my hair, gold in my teeth and lead in my pants, but I'm not getting old. I've only just reached the metallic age, and now when I sing; I sing with the stars over my shoulder." Recorded in 1977 and unreleased until now, these down-home, full-band recordings are the first in a series of Charlie Tweddle LPs to be released by Might Mouth Music. For fans of Utah Phillips, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and great cowboy poets everywhere.

LP $17.50


MMM 008 

Best Of Laurice Vol. 1 by Laurice


Best Of Laurice Vol. 1
Mighty Mouth Music

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! ’70s rock meets mainstream British pop in an explosive style fusion of pre-punk, glam, psychedelic and gay themed musical gems by controversial British rocker LAURICE. Recorded in the early to mid-70s at various studios in London, UK, these tracks, many previously unreleased, demonstrate the versatility and originality of a singer-songwriter who challenged society’s rules. British rock was always Laurice’s roots. From the pre-punk underground classic hits “When Christine Comes Around/I’m Gonna Smash Your Face” In to the heavily impassioned openly gay anthem “He’s My Guy” and the highly sexualized gay lyrics of “Wild Sugar”, to the S&M master-slave darkside of “Born To Serve,” Laurice constantly challenged himself and his musical peers to explore out of the mainstream music box. His influences ranged from Lou Reed and Cream, to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and various ‘70s British pop bands. Take a listen to this treasure trove of incredible tracks. Laurice was a star, far ahead of his time, and suffered mightily for fighting the conventions of the day.

LP $18.95

10/04/2011 851372002372 

MMM 003 

CD $9.25


MMM 003 CD