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Trio Sin Tiempo: Ritmos De Agua
CD $13.75

07/23/2021 755491206256 


***In Ritmos de Agua, longtime friends and jazz musicians Leo Genovese, Mariano Otero, and Sergio Verdinelli explore the power and potentiality of water. Contextualizing their aesthetic inspirations within the historical and the metaphorical, the 12 tracks allude to the very tangible rise of civilizations, rich natural ecologies, and the singular fluidity of water that moves through their art. Appealing to genres like Chamame, Chamarrita, Tango, and Candombe, the musicians draw from the experience of water, its fluidity, and its steady tidal rhythms. While water never dances the same way twice, its amorphous predictability can be felt in the repetitive sensation of waves, or the meditative course of a stream—a feeling the musicians mirror in their varied compositions and gentle deliveries on piano, drums, and bass. Speaking to their project, they collectively affirm, “Water is a musical entity, and we’d like to be like water.” This project marks Leo Genovese’s and Trio Sin Tiempo’s debut on 577 Records.