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You Can Make Hamburger Yourself by Pess


You Can Make Hamburger Yourself

***Pess is a musical duo formed around Tokyo in 2019. This is their first release. Pess is composed of composers, arrangers and songwriters Mitsuomi and Haruka. The album is titled You can Make Hamburger Yourself. It's seven surprising rock songs, all of 'em awesome and super catchy. It goes by in a perfect flash. Mitsuomi and Haruka met online when they discovered their mutual love for the band Citrus. Citrus is one of the bands in the flow of Shibuyakei, a 1990s subcultural movement in Japan. Pess began making this album in September 2019, but have met only once since then. Of course, this is partly due to the ongoing pandemic, but originally, they intended to work remotely. Vocal recording was done at Haruka's home, and all other instruments, chorus recording, mixing and mastering were done at Mitsuomi's home. Of the many demo songs made, they chose this material for this release. They were influenced by new releases such as Sports Team, Pet Shimmers, Peel Dream Magazine, The Big Moon, Men I Trust, Frankie Cosmos, Pixx, Jackie Mendoza, Hatchie, Girlseeker, and Neo Acoustic since the 1980s. , '60s, '90s rock, etc.

LP $15.00


AGO 132 

God Won't Save You, But I Will by Merz, Nicholas

Merz, Nicholas

God Won't Save You, But I Will

***In the early stages of writing this album, it became very clear that recording it live was a necessary equation even at it’s inception. Lyrically, the album circles around the theme of letting go, and thus it made perfect sense to allow the material to be loose by nature and a response to it’s limitations.  The album was written roughly between May-Sept ’18, the songs were sparsely demoed and given to the band in September, and the band came together two days before tracking to rehearse. The album was recorded in a home of a friend in Landers, CA outside of Joshua Tree over two days. It was recorded entirely live, even vocals with zero overdubs.  The band consisted of Nicholas Merz (guitar/vocals), Cory Hanson (guitar), Candace Harter (keys), Evan Backer (drums), Adrienne Humblet (bass), and Robbie Cody (engineer/producer).

LP $13.25


AGO 123 

New Sex Society by Inutili


New Sex Society

***INUTILI from Teramo, Italy has been in constant progression over the last 7 years. Their latest move is the addition of saxophone player LUCA DI GIAMMARCO. His playing is smooth and soulful at times and aggressive as a hungry alligator when the band goes fast and hard. As a new edition to the band he plays on two of the songs, they each clock in at just under 20 minutes. Luca’s has a few solo parts, they make me think of “a love supreme.” Suddenly though the floor drops out and the band is on a tear, madness, songs within songs. The band’s sixth album New Sex Society, also has some long-form pop songs, “Singing Dogs” clocks in at 4:05, “Space Time Bubble” at 8: 39.

LP $11.00


AGO 120 

***Smoke is a selection of new work by the artist and composer NICKOLAS MOHANNA. The instrumental work could be seen as more of a departure from more digitally rendered compositions, and takes its form from acoustically derived tools. Mohanna builds a new shape in Smoke, to translate his ideas via a longing to find a more tactile physicality in composing; digging the fingers deep into the strings of the instrument, rough hewn arpeggios and angular note bends sit within a weight of dissonance that carry the pieces into shifting musical topographies. In these tracks, percussive elements intersect with acoustic strings that are used as both neutral sound sources and examinations of melodic contour; to produce timbres and tones inside a mélange of noise fields that trigger more exploratory harmonic forms and polyphonic impressions. Limited art edition of 100 copies, which also includes a poster and book. Recorded and mixed at ZIG Systems, Bronx, NY. Mastered and cut by JOSH BONATI at Bonati Mastering, Brooklyn NY. Design by Amsterdam-based graphic designer BAS MANTEL. .

LP $14.75


AGO 113 

Fanny Picture Disc by Segall, Ty

Segall, Ty

Fanny Picture Disc

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  Aagoo Records is proud to announce the release of TY SEGALL's “Fanny”—a psychedelic ode to his dog—on standard 7” and limited-edition picture disc editions. Not only does Segall’s single feature various cover and insert art painted by Segall himself, but the track in three different forms: the demo, a revved-up “sketch” and a live recording from San Diego, California. Each side of the picture disc features a yellow dog face painted by Segall, from his acrylic painting “Goopy Poodle.” Stare at it long enough: it’s oddly comforting! And the “Fanny” 7” is for a canine cause: all proceeds will go to animal rescue organizations NKLA and Mighty Mutts, which are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the strays of Los Angeles and New York. It’s a tribute to our canine friends only Segall could make.

PIC7" $11.00


AGO 109 

Fundamental Slime Ep by Darto


Fundamental Slime Ep

***Experimental rock outfit DARTO deliver their new Fundamental Slime‘ 12-inch via Aagoo Records. Formed in 2010 in Seattle, Washington, Darto is GORDON DE LOS SANTOS, GREGORY FLORES, CANDACE HARTER and NICHOLAS MERZ. This album was self-recorded on April 12-14 on Whidbey Island at the Flores Roost. It was mixed by STEVE FISK and mastered by APRIL GOLDEN. While their previous ‘Human Giving‘ explored the realm of human possibility within the context of hope, community and the dissolution of self, ‘Fundamental Slime‘ is an observation on the darker end of the human-possibility spectrum. Ego, power, and nihilism are dissected from the viewpoint of various individuals struggling to dominate or be dominated. Where the lyrics give voice, the sounds give flesh. Continuing to broaden the scope of instrumentation allowed Darto to wander into new territory on this album. Working with saxophonist NEIL WELCH of groundbreaking Seattle jazz duo BAD LUCK, the massively varied sonic qualities of the performance by a genius gave each song its own body – startling, confusing, soothing, airy, void, distant, deplorable, and beautiful.

12" $13.25


AGO 114 

Don't Feel To Work by Jewett, Evan

Jewett, Evan

Don't Feel To Work

***EVAN JEWETT is a songwriter and furniture maker living in New York City. His first album under his own name, Don’t Feel to Work was recorded piecemeal during stays in various apartments. The record is a stoic patchwork of songs about bloody roommates, detached people stuck inside, and kids wandering the hills. Growing up in California, Jewett picked up songwriting shortly after convincing his mother to let him drop out of school at age 17. Touring and releasing albums with various bands began immediately after. Don’t Feel to Work is the first solo work he has produced since moving to New York City in 2012. Jewett does not write catchy tunes. His songs never fall into the incidental traps that songwriters often knowingly or unknowingly fall into. Instead, he intentionally takes a more deliberate route that can look familiar but feels very different. This choice has less to do with aesthetic or image, and more to do with the exploration of his own character through song. He uses a colorful palate to wistfully hypnotize the listener, providing a very stark and honest interpretation of one working class figure trying to carve out some sort of existence inside of a noisy time, a noisy city, and a noisy culture.

LP $13.25


AGO 105 

Una Volta by Piles


Una Volta

***PILES is a drum trio, located for 2/3 in Nancy and for 1/3 in Avignon, France, consisting of Guigou Chevenier (founding member of the French band Etron Fou leloublan (1973-1986) collaborations with bands and artists like Les Batteries, Body Parts, Octavo, Charles Hayward, les Mutants, Fred Frith among others), Michel Deltruc (self-taught drummer- percussionist started in the band of Isle -Adam 95. In Nancy he joined the collective NAJA Nancy Jazz Action. Collaborations with bands and artists like Rosette, Terry Ex, Jagger Naut, Christelle Sery, Thierry Madiot among others) and Anthony Laguerre (protean person, composer, improve musician and sound engineer. He is leading his projects and develops his sound around rock, noise or improve music. His work is about ‘sound like music’. The different influences gave him the possibility to work on forms with harmony and sound matter. Anthony plays drums in Filiamotsa, Club Cactus, Myotis among others. The Piles sound is a free fall into the universe of beats, rhythm,dynamics, repetition of the unexpected, it is an adventure that reveals the hidden depths in the Piles sound spectrum of acoustic drums.

CD $9.75


AGO 111 CD 

Jitter Visions by Cup


Jitter Visions

***Cup is TYM WOJCIK, a Polish-American drummer living in Queens, NY and originally from Houston, TX. Only five months after the release of Hiccup, psych-punker Cup is back. With Jitter Visions, his eighth release, he takes you to a place that’s simultaneously new and familiar—in the way that you might feel you’ve been here before, but can’t be sure. A nagging and uneasy feeling. A record that is at times grinding and brash, at times smooth and melodic, like the ebb and flow of a fever dream. Distorted, simple guitar riffs reminiscent of '80s punk, Help-era Oh Sees, Slaughterhouse-era Ty Segall, layered with dark synths, bright delayed vocals, and driving rhythms. Lyrics about menace that comes from without, from within, about looking around the world from your own personal head, about being a person with another person, with people everywhere doing things. About changing into the same person over and over again. With every passing release, Wojcik’s sound becomes more distinct. Fuzz-soaked punk riffs that feel like they should be played faster, stretching and skewing into off-kilter melodies over driving dual rhythms. Songs about the fact of the body, the fact of existing, the challenge of conveying meaning. A background of anxiety throughout: a reflection of our odd world and oddly, incomprehensibly growing older in it.

LP $9.75


AGO 108 LP 

The Limits Of Men by Merz, Nicholas

Merz, Nicholas

The Limits Of Men

***Aagoo Records has announced the forthcoming debut solo album from Seattle-based song crafter NICHOLAS MERZ. Entitled The Limits of Men, this nine-track offering is previewed by the invigorating powerhouse first single "Bulled Rose," a track that is about being born into the labor force, family and power dynamics. After releasing six albums with the Seattle indie rock explorers DARTO, Merz has finally made his first solo album. This entails a collection of work is based on ideas he’s been thinking about since his teens. The nine tracks on offer cover a broad spectrum ranging from upbeat alternative with true similarities to Darto, Nick Cave and Iggy Pop to singer-songwriter elements and even a few selection for an imaginary spaghetti western soundtrack.

LP $9.75


AGO 107 

Hiccup by Cup



***CUP is TYM WOJCIK's reaction to a lifetime of being forced to play rhythm guitar parts. A combination of power chords, repeated endlessly, while Tym’s brother smashed on his Boss Metal Zone and did his best Cobain meets Slash impression, or a series of oddly shaped jazz chords, played at a rhythm that was never perfectly right for his dad to solo over. While Hiccup is technically Cup’s seventh release, it feels like its first, the others more artifacts that can be looked back on, marking a progression in sound that has become distinctly a thing of its own. Fuzz soaked punk riffs that feel like they should be played faster, stretching and skewing into off-kilter melodies over driving dual rhythms. Songs about the fact of the body, the fact of existing, the challenge of conveying meaning. A background of anxiety throughout: a reflection of our odd world and oddly, incomprehensibly growing older in it. The result is an album that both comforts and unsettles you, that kisses you on the forehead while punching you in the stomach, that is both floating in the clouds and slowly sinking in the pond. It’s the immediate laugh before realizing that a joke was actually incredibly sad. This is the space that Cup tries to occupy, and Hiccup is just the latest attempt to get it done.

LP $9.25


AGO 103 

Human Giving by Darto


Human Giving

***"Despite all of its catchy qualities, Human Giving by DARTO is a difficult album to pin down. The lyrical phrasing, and melodies have been stuck in my head for months. The mood is set immediately from the first note of 'GDLS,' enveloping the space around the listener. By the time 'I Am' enters, the sound and feeling transitions from lush and inviting, to focused and intentional with the keyboards and strings propelling the movement and allowing the lyrics and accompanying melodies to float along seamlessly. The feeling is similar to being lulled into a dream. Like any dream spell you have no idea until you wake. As the record progresses splashes of Americana seem to emerge, painting subtle pictures of the American West, or a vast expanse that we would associate it with. It’s a momentary visit to those places as Darto keeps moving, exploring new worlds. 'Character Study' is a prime example of such. The eerie beauty that surrounds this song positively shakes me. The most ecstatic moment of the album also arrives in this song. It takes me to a place filled with light, and oddly enough this is as close to psychedelic as this album gets, despite the psych realms the band takes us with songs like 'Guiding Light' or 'Aging.' The album ends with the gorgeous 'American Storyteller.' It’s cinematic and soft. The picture, the scene that is painted in my mind is in black, white and silver. As the title states, this is a story,...

LP $14.50


AGO 102 

A Single Rose by Hheaven


A Single Rose

***HHEAVEN, the collaborative project of MORGAN ENOS (HOLLOW SUNSHINE, OTHER HOUSES) and BRYANT KEITH BAYHAN (.paperman). Kinetic and danceable, "Rose" is a blindingly colorful departure from either artist’s previous work, diving headlong into the sounds of disco, electronica, and heavy beats. Written together one summer by producer/instrumentalist Bayhan crafting full-fledged compositional landscapes from lyricist/vocalist Enos’ skeletal demos, the whirling, psychedelic songs of Hheaven are alternately lacerating and surreal, packed with addictive melodies, tirelessly operating in the service of the creative mind. Do work. Stay working.

10" $12.75


AGO 089 

CD $11.00


AGO 089 

Bad Reputation by Other Houses

Other Houses

Bad Reputation

***Bad Reputation is the first full-length LP from OTHER HOUSES, the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist MORGAN ENOS, known otherwise as the vocalist for doom/shoegaze band HOLLOW SUNSHINE (Robotic Empire/Iron Pier). From its first moments, Bad Reputation is a noticeably different entity than Enos’ work with Hollow Sunshine and displays a remarkable departure from even preceding Other Houses EPs No Splendor (2015) and Way Out West (2015). Bad Reputation is winsome, homespun, and crackling with pop energy. While the song cycle is deeply personal, the record simultaneously fixes its eye heavenward into an intergalactic realm, where mysterious forces found in Eastern texts collide and intermingle with interstellar bodies. It’s here that Enos’ creative impulses are presented in all honesty—simple and strong arrangements, lovingly rooted in power pop and psychedelia, weaving their threads through a set of diverse songs to create an incisive, yet fully livable universe of its own. The songs, indebted to Enos’ power-pop heroes Big Star, The Byrds and Guided by Voices, keep a sense of heart, concision and personality. Yet, the most magical part of Bad Reputation’s unkempt pop mosaic is that it presents Enos (who plays every instrument featured) as a full-fledged artist, painting the night sky with strange, dazzling melodies, emboldened and willing to try anything.

LP $11.00


AGO 086 

CD $9.25


AGO 086 CD 

MC $3.85


AGO 086 MC 

***Aagoo Records in New Jersey is thrilled to be releasing the sophomore album from ZULUS. The four members—ALEKSANDER PRECHTL, DANIEL MARTENS, JEREMY SCOTT ad JULIAN BENNETT-HOLMES—all come from a background in music dominated by a punk and hardcore aesthetic as former members of bands including BATTLESHIP, NECKING, TEENAGE NITEWAR, RICE, PRSMS, Aa, FIASCO, THE HOMOSEXUALS and WAND. Zulus was started as an attempt at a pop band by guys who have since proven clearly unable to write pop songs. The record, simply titled Zulus II, is loaded with nine brash and corrupted anthems all rolled up tight into a wiry ball of filth and whatever other debris it picked up along the way.

LP $14.25

10/09/2015 030955699790 

AGO 084 

CD $9.25

10/09/2015 755918299175 

AGO 084 CD 

These works are a collaboration between the Japanese figure of experimental electronic music, KK NULL, and Mexican artists and brothers ISRAEL and DIEGO MARTINEZ. Diego is best known as LUMEN LAB, and both are mentors of the label Abolipop - Suplex. The process started at the end of 2012 when Null, based in Tokyo and Israel Martinez in Berlin, started to share electronic sounds and field recordings. They tried making new pieces exploring various approaches to composition such as the recording of improvisation sessions, the capturing of the soundscape and incorporating some electroacoustic computer processes. After several exchanges, Israel invited Lumen lab to participate in the project from Zapopan, Mexico. The two had not worked together since 2002 when Israel was part of Lumen lab. Sharing this experience with an early influential musician of the ‘90s electronic and experimental scene provided a good moment. The process of exchanging isolated sounds and then fragments of composition continued. The three musicians worked using each others' lead. Eight months after moving back to Mexico, Israel together with Diego and Kazuyuki, finished four pieces called Incognita, now available on CD as an album. In addition, they composed work for a limited edition vinyl, Terra. It includes the first track of Incognita, which makes it especially appealing for vinyl collectors. The result of this collaboration shows the different profiles of the musicians, from the semi-rhythmic and powerful electronic dynamism of KK Null and Lumen lab to the deep drones and the convulsive field recording's treatment...

CD $10.50


AGO 066 CD 

Double Mono by V/a


Double Mono

***Double Mono is a record with sounds hard panned between the left and right channels featuring THE OCTOPUS PROJECT, AU, PALAXY TRACKS, JOHN SABA JR., DEVIN MAXWELL, III, JIM ENO and ERIN FLANNERY & ZACH LAYTON. The album was put together in conjunction with a group show of art and design for anaglyph 3-D glasses. Artist and designer PHILLIP EDWARD NIEMEYER is the man responsible for the curation of the project. (STREET DATE - 9/03/2013)

LP $12.25


AGO 060 

***W-H-I-T-E is the solo stage name of CORY THOMAS HANSON, an experimental pop musician and visual artist based in Los Ageles. W-H-I-T-E began in 2008 as a summer-away-from-art-school recording project. Utilizing cheap electronics, loop pedals, and torrented music software, Hanson shaped a sound that was more based in textural soundscapes, and hypno-rhythmic drones than traditional melodies and songwriting. For Hanson, the name "White" draws from concept rather than convention, signifying a primordial "white plane, consistent, endless, with no horizon" for which all content is either added or subtracted upon. Hanson chose the name based on an attraction to intensity, the transcendent, like an insect drawn to white light. W-H-I-T-E's first two records, Sunna (2009) and Twin Tigers (2011) were released while Hanson was still attending Cal Arts. Once graduated, Hanson travelled extensively, touring solo and in friend's bands MIKA CRONIN and PANGEA. He toured the West Coast and played shows in Mexico, SXSW, and NYC, then toured Europe with the Mikal Cronin band in the summer. It was during this time that he began writing and recording his third album, titled III. Written partially on the road, in an extended stay in Paris, and in Elysian Park, Los Angeles; III is the culmination of two and a half years of recordings. Nearly three entire albums were shelved in the process. III is a considerable departure from the previous records. Utilizing heavier rhythms influenced by early ‘90s club music, as well as nodding towards ‘70s singer songwriters and having a serious...

LP $12.25


AGO 058 

CD $10.50


AGO 058 CD 

9 Heretical Views by Father Murphy

Father Murphy

9 Heretical Views

***With the darkly celestial sounds of FATHER MURPHY’s spring 2012 album Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It still fresh in our minds, we put ten of the Italian psychedelic pop trio’s songs into the hands of our favorite experimental artists. The results of these sonic foreign exchanges are 11 visionary reinterpretations of Father Murphy’s already kaleidoscopic tunes. They comprise a monumental artifact of the avant-noise world of 2013. The Father Murphy Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It Remix Series is released in two parts—The 7” features INDIAN JEWELRY’s reworking of “His Face Showed No Distortions” and PHILIPPE PETIT’s mix of “Diggin the Bottom of the Hollow.” The LP contains a remix of every song on the album. The artists include: BLACK DICE, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EMA, MOCK THE ZUMA, SIC ALPS, THULEBASEN, W.H.I.T.E, YVETTE and ZULUS.

LP $12.25


AGO 053 

Quiet Rooms by Deison


Quiet Rooms

***A figure in the avant garde noise and electronics underworld for over 20 years, DEISON’s music has appeared on split-releases alongside Thurston Moore, Scanner and KK Null. On Quiet Rooms, the experimental artist builds four enchanting ambient soundscapes from field recordings of empty hotel rooms. Delicately layered and processed, these lonely urban soundtracks evoke powerful tensions between serenity and alienation. In the he ethereal opener,” Room 1” Deison has captured the anxiety of isolation. Drones builds to such dystopian density that the sounds of our world become science fiction. In “Room 3” , with the inclusion of distinguishable ambient hotel noises, Deison listens in on forgotten stories trapped in the walls. Doors open and close, phonecalls fail to reach their recipient, a distant cat meows. These are the intimate moments and mysterious lives of hotel guests. Further adding to the tension of this powerful release is the 16-panel poster designed by BAS MANTEL. Lock yourself into these stationary images and slow moving sounds. Spend time in Deison’s Quiet Rooms and you will never look at an empty hotel room the same again.

CD $12.25


AGO 051 CD 

Two Expressos In Separate Cups by Martinez, Israel

Martinez, Israel

Two Expressos In Separate Cups

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Two Expressos In Separate Cups is originally a sound work about 56 minutes for 16.2 channels, a commissioned piece by Mexican Contemporary Art University Museum (MUAC) for its Sound Experimentation Space (EES). The work was on exhibition from March to July 2011. This is a 40 minutes stereo version, specially made for limited edition vinyl and digital download. "For me, cinema has influenced the way we associate sound and image, offering the idea that audio has to be eternally subordinate to the vision. I sampled a few seconds of silent moments (1) from different movies which have influenced me (all from recent decades and many geographies) and then mixed them with my own field recordings from multiple sites or situations as cantinas, sports courts, streets, airports, gardens, lakes, mountains, etc. Finally I produced electronic sounds from analog-digital synths and computer, creating a loop of 56 minutes which runs without any pause at the Museum, there's no matter about the moment that the listener enters to the space, he's free to stay and listen to it for a few minutes or long hours. I tried to make a metaphorical exercise ‘robbing’ and ‘freeing’ sound from its dependency to image, adding another sound gestures to be a representation of itself.” Composed between January and March 2011.

LP $12.25


AGO 036 

CD $10.50


AGO 049 CD 

***ZULUS a Brooklyn, NY-based band consists of DANIEL MARTENS, ALEKSANDER PRECHTL, JEREMY SCOTT and JULIAN BENETT HOLMES. After seven years of collaborating in bands such as post-hardcore BATTLESHIP and PRSMS in the San Francisco Bay Area, the duo Martens and Prechtl started songwriting together a little over a year ago. ‘The songs we started writing were, to our ears, far more poppier than anything we had worked on together before. This was partly because I hadn't ever played drums seriously before, and so my drumming was far simpler than any of the talented drummers we've played with in the past. It was also, I suspect, partly because we wanted to move away from hardcore. We were also at that time both playing in a reunion version of the early ‘90s hardcore band RICE (featuring Rop Vazquez), so that was already an outlet for our more aggressive musical tendencies. Since the songs we were writing were so different, we decided to start a new band playing what we consider to be post-garage—and thus Zulus was started.’ (Aleksander Prechtl)

LP $12.25


AGO 050 

CD $9.25


AGO 050 CD 

Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl by Petit, Philippe

Petit, Philippe

Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl

***Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl is an epic soundtrack, a trilogy equally inspired by glorious Italian Gialli than the odysseys from Homer, Lewis Carroll or James Joyce. Divided in three sections depicting a “fruity” Lemon girl’s nonsensical journeys to oneiric lands. Once again PHILIPPE offers a thematic framework, whose musical script only aims at revealing a beginning and its ending while inviting the listener to wander along the variety of sounds, melodies, textures, themes… Surprise, surprise. Box set with three LPs and three art prints.

3XLP $34.35


AGO 045 

***Brutal and epic noise-infused black metal sludge from EVAN PACEWIZ (MOTH DRAKULA, ROMAN TORMENT) and JAY HOWARD (CIRCUIT WOUND). Red vinyl with silkscreened B-side. Edition of 300.

7" $8.50