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Preaching Machine by Helios Creed

Helios Creed

Preaching Machine
Limited Appeal

***Two previously unreleased tracks from the former CHROME guitarist. 26 minutes. Edition of 220 copies on black & white swirled vinyl.

12" $15.00


LA 37 

All Aboard The Magic Bus by Black Pus

Black Pus

All Aboard The Magic Bus
Limited Appeal

***"This long-awaited LP is finally finished. We agreed to put this record out a long time ago, and various issues got in the way of getting it finished. I have to say if it were not for Covid this record would likely remain unfinished. Black Pus is a Brian Chippendale music project outside of his band Lightning Bolt. Same frantic drumming and distorted vocals you would expect from a Lightning Bolt record. The Bass is replaced with Oscillators. In Brian’s words 'I created this album at a moment when Lightning Bolt was mired in a creative muck'. The covers are assembled from used record jackets with new artwork applied. A nod to Sun Ra’s record aesthetic that both Brian and we here at Limited Appeal admire and was an inspiration to our record cover assembly of the label. We took a lot of time culling through the record covers we acquired to accomplish this project. With that said you may receive a record cover that has some wear along the edge, or a saw cut to signify the previous record within the jacket was a promo. Keep in mind these jackets were from previously loved records and thus will not be perfect. Edition of 400."

LP $15.00


LA 07 

***"Boston hardcore outcasts who were for longest time known for having tracks featured on both Unsafe at Any Speed and This is Boston Not LA” comps but nothing else ever released. About 10 years ago a lost radio beat session originally recorded in 1982 was finally released and many of us learned that these were the same folks in THE SICKNESS, KILSLUG and UPSIDEDOWN CROSS. Now Limited Appeal Records gives us another lost session from 1988. By this time their sound is less deranged hardcore, taking a turn to a heavier and more metallic style. If you’re into Kilslug’s Answer the Call or any of the Upsidedown Cross material this will be right up your alley. Packaging with screen printed period appropriate BRIAN WALSBY artwork and song titles etched into the vinyl."—Jason Seltzer. Liner nots written by MIKE WILLIAMS IX of EYEHATEGOD. Edition of 300 copies.

LP $16.35


LA 28 

***DION MCGREGOR is a very unusual cult figure—and certainly among the most unique recording artists the world has known. In 1964, Decca Records released an LP called The Dream World of Dion McGregor (He Talks in His Sleep). The cover featured a now-classic illustration by EDWARD GOREY, and the contents were unlike anything heard before: the tape-recorded musings, stories, rants and screams of a man who was fast asleep. This record has become collectable and regularly sells for around $60 on eBay and such. These spoken dreams—or “somniloquies”—had been recorded by McGregor’s roommate MICHAEL BARR (with whom, in waking life, he composed songs recorded by stars such as Blossom Dearie and Barbra Streisand). Barr’s diligent eavesdropping on his friend’s uncanny habit would, over the years, yield dozens of reel-to-reel tapes full of outlandish, hilarious, and often startling monologues. Dreaming Like Mad is McGregor's first album in over a half a century. Edition of 120 copies.

LP $16.35


LA 32 

***DAN MELCHIOR returns with a one-sided 12". The blank side of the record is silk screened with an image of one of Dan's drawings. Edition of 234 copies.

12" $13.25


LA 32 

Come On Home, Stranger by Tile


Come On Home, Stranger
Limited Appeal

***Since 2006, TILE has inundated the diverse Lehigh Valley, PA DIY underground scene with their dynamic blend of angular noise rock, revved-up hardcore punk, and grinding sludge/doom riffage through a plethora of EPs, singles, split releases, and their 2013-released debut LP, You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania. In the Winter of 2017, TILE returned to Shards Recording Studio in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with owner and engineer MATT MOLCHANY who engineered and mastered the upcoming follow-up LP, Come on Home, Stranger. The dense and varied album packs twelve tracks into forty-two minutes, filling every second of the LP to the edges with their gnarled, varied style. The record is completed with photography by TIM WYNARCZUK of a shoot arranged by the band, in the theme of their prior releases.

LP $13.50


LA 35 

***THE FAR CORNERS are JUSTIN of TURPENTINE BROTHERS and TARA of MR. AIRPLANE MAN. "In the future after Trump's presidency enabled Skynet to become a reality a Stephen Hawking terminator came to destroy humanity to save it from itself. To enable a future where humanity wasn't controlled by the law of diminishing returns. A world where the A-Frames was the house band on the Tonight show, and Mumford and Sons was a junkyard somewhere in Jersey. A vision of jack booted thugs kicking in the face of the current alt underground darlings. A time when today's youth generation is called what it is—YUPPIES and had chemical castration performed on them by the Hadron Collider. This is that time, when law mandates sex reassignment surgery on your organic gluten free white hetero cismale privilege, otherwise known as the Noisey/Pitchfork crowd. This is that world where the Electric Eels playing all the hits of the Shaggs is the viralest meme on your social media feed. This is that vision where things do escape from black holes." One-sided LPs with unique spray-painted B-sides packaged in hand-assembled jackets and released in a numbered edition of 200 copies.

LP $14.25


LA 29 

***SEX CHURCH is and was a band from Vancouver, BC. From 2008 until going on a permanent hiatus in 2014, they played their own brand of hypnotic, downtrodden psychedelic "punk". Their music is greatly influenced by the rainy, gloomy atmosphere of their home city, the monotony of daily life and what we all do to try and escape it. During that time, the group put forth a handful of releases on labels such as Load, Hozac and Sweet Rot. Flowers is the third and final album from Sex Church (at least for now). Recorded by the band themselves in a tiny rehearsal space during the summer of 2014, it is a rawer and sparser affair than its predecessors, purely out of necessity. A cloud of impending doom hangs over the record, a sign of a band on their way out the door perhaps. That being said, there are also certain rays of sun that break through the sonic clouds, if one is listening for them. Flowers is an effort to grow, to expand and bloom, only to die and rot away again. While it is far from a perfect record, it is definitely an accurate representation of what a band actually sounded like in that time and space. Edition of 314 copies.

LP $13.75


LA 30 

The Heron (doesn’t Care When The Woman Stamps Her Boot) by Melchior, Dan

Melchior, Dan

The Heron (doesn’t Care When The Woman Stamps Her Boot)
Limited Appeal

***DAN MELCHIOR’s (in collaboration with his wife LETHA RODMAN) latest called The Heron (Doesn't Care When the Woman Stamps Her Boot). Dan’s music continues to evolve and is very much a separate entity from some of his earlier blues based work. While most people know Dan's garage work with Billy Childish, Holly Golightly and his own band Broke Revue, this record is certainly more on the experimental side of things in terms of sound. An edition of 231 copies;. We hand cut and constructed the inner sleeve, and attached a photograph that Dan took to it. Then a window was hand cut hand in the outer jacket to reveal/frame Dan's photo. The record centers are hand stamped (with an image based on a drawing of Dan's).

LP $12.25


LA 25