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Peloto Cabras Mulusa Olve


Peloto Cabras Mulusa Olve

Calar Music
LP $24.00

03/17/2023 724087675356 

CAMUS 33015 

***Many things have been said about REYNOLS over the past 30 years but altogether seem not yet enough to poroperly describe the unclassifiable Argentine group formed by MIGUEL TOMASIN, ROBERTO CONLAZO and ANLA COURTIS. Now Calar Music is proud to present Peloto Cabras Mulusa Olve, an album appeared at the very end of the XXth Century bringing a vivid sonic portrait of one of the wildest periods of the band. After a whole year playing Monday-to-Friday as house band of a Medical TV show broadcasted on Argentine’s National Channel [ATC], the group recorded these remarkable tracks back in 1999 at their own Ornitivo Studios in Buenos Aires. Based on a trio line-up, with Tomasín’s verbal laboratory in all its glory plus his chunky drums and a playful pair of sharp guitars jumping electrically all around, the band reached an intense trademark distorted sound. Recorded in a complete analogue mood—due to magnetic tape’s magic—and without overdubs of any kind, this music remains as a milestone of a savage era. Raw, powerful, vital, oneiric and beyond description, this obscure gem was originally released as a 1999 ultra-limited tape, which sold-out that same year. This LP brings the album to the new century carefully remastered by VYLES BOISEN (who worked with artists such as: Fred Frith, MX-80 Sound, Daevid Allen, Malcolm Mooney, Anthony Braxton or David Lynch) and also expanded with two unreleased tracks from those epic sessions. Decades before appearing on the cover of The Wire Magazine, receiving the Henry Viscardi Achievement Award or becoming a one-of-a-kind brand name in the field of global experimental music, Reynols were already active and certainly on fire: Peloto Cabras Mulusa Olve stands as an historic sound document to prove it.

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