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Hora De No Ver


Hora De No Ver

Calar Music
LP $22.75


CAMUS 33011 

***Suárez, an essential band in the Argentine underground scene of the 1990s, will have their seminal 1994 album titled Hora de no ver on vinyl for the first time. More than 25 years after it was first released on CD, US-based label Calar Music embarked on making the dream of making this piece of history on vinyl a reality. The digital material was analog processed by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab in Oakland, California, while the cut was made with DMM technology and pressed at 140 grams in two color options: black or light blue. 
"Hora De No Ver opened the minds of many and in some way defined part of the DYI movement in Buenos Aires," say the label, who dedicated this edition to the living memory of Rosario Bléfari. “Despite their low-fi nature and apparent carelessness, the group is known to have crafted their sound in the rehearsal room, through months of obsessive searching. In Argentina they are considered the Sonic Youth of Buenos Aires, especially for their first two albums."

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