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Tender Is The Nightshift Part One by My Favorite

My Favorite

Tender Is The Nightshift Part One
Happy Happy Birthday To Me

***Indiepop’s acclaimed NY cult artists return with the first of three evening-hued EPs of imperious new wave and plastic soul—glassine surfaces as two way mirrors on loneliness, trauma and growing old in the ruins of dreams.?! With their first extended play release in nearly 20 years, My Favorite scavenge the digital debris of the 20th Century to fashion a pre-apocalyptic soundtrack for a millennium’s malaise, a “hard rain in a soft cell.” As sequencers and saxophones swirl, songwriter Michael Grace Jr.?! uses the tragic totems of James Dean, Princess Diana and Major Tom to explore love and loss—remaking/remodeling the dim corridors of the memory into bright passages forward.?! Barely out of their teens in 1994 when their debut single “Go Kid Go” was spun by John Peel, My Favorite was formed in the archetypal suburbia of Long Island—a floating sliver of dirt where every bad idea of post-war America was beta tested.?!

12" $18.50

08/05/2022 606822042312 

HHBTM 219 

(Vol. 2) Locked Down And Stripped Back by Wedding Present

Wedding Present

(Vol. 2) Locked Down And Stripped Back
Happy Happy Birthday To Me

***Locked Down And Stripped Back Volume Two features home recordings of Wedding Present and Cinerama classics, along with a previously unreleased song: ‘That Would Only Happen In A Movie.’ There is a bevy of guest stars on the album.?! Jon Stewart (of Platinum-album-selling Sleeper fame) reprises his new role as Wedding Present guitarist but is joined here by some Wedding Present members of old.?!

LP $19.95

07/01/2022 606822042114 

HHBTM 221 

***Good things come to those who wait, and in the case of Liverpool’s Good Grief, the wait was worth it.?! The band first appeared back in 2013 via a series of split 7”s and an excellent EP on Odd Box Records.?! HHBTM loved them, excitedly pairing them up for a split single with like-minded band Eureka California, who then brought them over for an American tour.?! So you can believe us when we say we’re excited about the release of the band’s long-awaited debut album Shake Your Faith.?! Formed in 2012 by Liverpudlian guitarist/vocalist Will Fitzpatrick, bassist/vocalist Paul Abbott and drummer Matiss Dale, Good Grief released a handful of singles before real life took precedence and the band took a back seat in 2015.?! They never officially broke up, though, regrouping to play the occasional date, sometimes with big names like Wussy and Superchunk.?! Good Grief fully reactivated in 2018, and spent 2019 working on and off on what would become Shake Your Faith.?!

LP $18.50


HHBTM 216 

***Ben Crum doesn’t need to contend for anything; the leader of the long-running Great Lakes proved himself two decades ago on his very first outing.?! Contenders, the band’s seventh album, finds Crum basking in a keen sense of roots-y psychedelic Americana that recalls the fertile grounds of Upstate New York.?! Yet the music itself is a warm, sunny soundtrack that brings to mind road trips across the dusty Midwest and miles and miles of nothing in between.?! Fans of Built To Spill, My Morning Jacket, Luna, and Deserters Songs-era Mercury Rev will find much to love in Contender’s grooves.?!   But don’t think that because the music ambles along dirt roads that the music isn’t cerebral; Contenders’ subject matter includes philosophical wonderings on love, sex, the temporal nature of man, the frustrations of creative partnerships, and the heady, hopeful times of your late teens and early twenties, where the world seems full of endless possibilities.?!

LP $19.95

02/04/2022 606822040615 

HHBTM 214 

***What do you do when the world shuts down?! If you’re veterans of the indie pop scene, you form a band… accidentally! Huw Williams (The Pooh Sticks) and former collaborator Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly, Catenary Wires) are proud to present Swansea Sound.?! “At the start of lockdown, we were all quite bored and all had time on our hands,” says Swansea Sound guitarist Rob Pursey (Heavenly, Catenary Wires).?! “I had written a song that was too fast and punky for me and Amelia’s other band, The Catenary Wires, and I thought Huw might like it.?! He did, so he sang the vocal part on a cupboard in his house in Wales, sent the vocals back, and we mixed it.?! That song, “Angry Girl,” is on the album.?! With it, we realized we could record without meeting up—Huw’s cupboard sounds good—and “Corporate Indie Band” came next.?! We released the two as a limited edition cassette single.?! To our surprise, it got played on the radio quite a lot.?!

LP $20.25

11/19/2021 606822040516 

HHBTM 215 

CD $14.50

12/03/2021 760137793229 


***In the time when things could still be seen, you might have seen Pearie Sol, keyboardist for DC-area rockers Gauche.?! Times being as they are, many musical projects have been put on hold, with members having to seek new outlets for their creative talents.?! For Pearie Sol, his new solo album, Real Happiness—which, he assures us, is not quite a lockdown album, having been conceived largely in 2019.?! On first listen, Real Happiness might make you smile.?! And how could you resist the charm of the dramatic, over-the-top Fred Schneider-like vocals of “Apathy” the jaunty, junkyard Jad Fair-isms of “Slime Pit,” or the catchy, danceable title track?! Pearie’s flamboyant, over-the-top style is fun personified and vocalized and all those things in between..?!

MC $6.75


HHBTM 213 

Locked Down And Stripped Back by Wedding Present

Wedding Present

Locked Down And Stripped Back
Happy Happy Birthday To Me

***Locked Down And Stripped Back includes twelve home recordings of WEDDING PRESENT favorites along with two previously unreleased songs: ‘You’re Just A Habit That I’m Trying To Break’ and ‘We Should Be Together’.?! The latter was originally recorded—but never released—by Britpop favorites, SLEEPER.?! With each band member recording and filming their parts at home due to lockdown restrictions, the recording process was far from easy, but the end result is, as always, typically satisfying.?! From the swagger of ‘A Million Miles’ (George Best, 1987) and ‘California’ (Hit Parade, 1992), to the joyous, previously unreleased ‘We Should Be Together’—featuring a special guest appearance from Sleeper singer LOUISE WENER—Locked Down And Stripped Back is an unexpected treat.?!

LP $19.85

03/19/2021 606822038315 

HHBTM 210 

***Nothing is more American than the flawed idealism of rugged individualism, but any ruggedness you see in Denver's AMERICAN CULTURE only comes from years of touring, living in a GMC van, lugging that bass cab down another steep DIY basement staircase.?! This is DIY music.?! But it isn't alone.?! It's a culture, a community.?! One that American Culture and so many of their peers have nurtured, town after town, basement after basement, selling one record at a time not to "fans" but to friends.?! American Culture's third album For My Animals was finished pre-COVID and sent to us at HHBTM Records around early March 2020.?! 'For My Animals' isn't strict about genre.?! Like their favorites, The Meat Puppets, Crass, The Grateful Dead, The Feelies, this band does whatever they feel.?! There's bits of noise-pop, outsider lo-fi, washes of psychedelia and even hints of Jamaican dub influence here.?! It's definitely punk.?!

LP $17.75

03/19/2021 760137445715 

HHBTM 207 

The Complete Reissue by Oh Ok

Oh Ok

The Complete Reissue
Happy Happy Birthday To Me

***OH-OK are a minimalist post punk proto-twee band from the early '80s that were based in Athens, Georgia, made up of LINDA HOPPER (MAGNAPOP), MATTHEW SWEET, LYNDA STIPE (FLASH TO BANG TIME, also Michael Stipe's sister), DAVID MCNAIR (MAGNAPOP) , and DAVID PIERCE.?! This full length LP collects their 7" and 12" EP, two un-released tracks, and a partial live show.?! RIYL: Marine Girls, Pylon, Young Marble Giants, Delta 5.?!

LP $17.75

01/16/2021 606822066912 

HHBTM 141-2 

***THE FLATMATES were formed in 1985 in Bristol, UK, a product of the city’s highly active mid-80s indie club scene (The Mission Club, The Bunker, EEC Punk Rock Mountain).?! Over the next 12 months they became one of the first bands to set the scene for what has become known to pop historians as the ‘C86 Movement’.?! Their simple aim was to make classic pop tunes combining the energy of '70s punk bands such as The Ramones and The Buzzcocks, the cool pop charm of '60s girl bands like The Ronettes and Shangri-Las, seasoned with an artful pinch of The Velvet Underground.?! Between 1986 and 1989 they released five singles on guitarist Martin Whitehead's Subway Organization label, all of which reached the upper levels of the UK indie charts, with “Shimmer” achieving an Indie chart No.1 (and 42 on the New Musical Express’s national chart).?! Despite a lengthy period without record releases or gigs, The Flatmates never really went away.?!

LP $19.25

08/07/2020 606822036410 


***George Best became THE WEDDING PRESENT's first album in 1988.?! But Tommy, released one year later, was made up of the early songs from the singles and radio sessions that had catapulted them from being bedsit musicians into indie darlings: "Go Out And Get 'Em, Boy!" with its purposefully super-fast guitars, "You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends" an anthem for those long time Wedding Present fans, "My Favourite Dress" the only single in the collection that ended up on George Best, the classic, fraught tale of losing one's first love that perfectly played on the heart strings and began DAVID GEDGE's legacy of understanding everyone's heartbreak.?! Tommy 30, a brand-new re-recording of Tommy, did not come about simply as a "follow on" to George Best 30.?! The band felt, during a Tommy 30th anniversary concert tour, that the songs had grown and evolved.?! Enter a more confident vocalist...?! an altogether growlier guitar.?! A bigger sound.?!

LP $17.75

12/06/2019 606822035918 

HHBTM 203 

CD $13.25

11/29/2019 616422138827 


***SUGGESTED FRIENDS are an indie rock quartet with a firm grounding in queer identity, fusing DIY punk roots with the interweaving guitars of '90s indie and a sometimes tongue-in-cheek take on the performative masculinity of '80s rock.?! There’s a tenderness to their songwriting, with lyrics reflecting on cultural malaise, trauma recovery and the banal absurdity of everyday life.?! Personal politics can come with an incisively dry sense of humour too.?! Turtle Taxi is their second album and demonstrates just how far they’ve come from the raw, scuzzy sounds of their DIY debut; unrepentant in letting the pop hooks loose.?! The choruses are big, harmonies frequent, and guitar solos abound—this is a lush, textured leap forward.?! Suggested Friends are more confident, acknowledging emotional pain and exploring how this affective space elides with a more expansive sense of injustice in the world..?!

LP $17.75

11/29/2019 606822035819 

HHBTM 202 

***FRED SCHNEIDER & THE SUPERIONS are back with a festive fall Halloween single "Bat Baby".?! "Bat Baby" was released digitally 8 years ago, but this is the first time on vinyl and w/ an exclusive b-side "Real Scary Halloween Story." Limited to 600 copies and on super thick orange vinyl..?!

7" $6.00

11/15/2019 616822009475 

HHBTM 200 

***MAGNAPOP's new album, The Circle Is Round, is the Atlanta-based group’s debut release for HHBTM Records, and is their sixth album, coming nearly a decade after their previous record, 2009’s Chase Park.?! Prior to this, the group had a fruitful run during the Alternative Rock heyday of the mid-90s, finding critical acclaim with 1994’s Hotboxing (with single “Slowly, Slowly”) and 1996’s Rubbing Doesn’t Help, which featured their most beloved song, “Open The Door.” The seeds that would blossom into The Circle Is Round were planted in 2011.?! “We reunited in 2011 when bassist SHANNON MULVANEY contacted us about playing a benefit for Criminal Records, a local record store,” says guitarist and songwriter RUTHIE MORRIS.?! “Playing together was easy, but we knew we needed time together to play our old songs again.?!

LP $17.75

09/27/2019 606822035512 

HHBTM 199 

CD $13.75

09/27/2019 616822138328 


***WESLEY JOHNSON—aka WESDARULER—knows the highs of artistic and personal fulfillment and the deep lows of struggle and burden.?! Ocean Drive is more than likely the first exposure the world at large will have to Johnson and, coincidentally, it’s no small matter that it’s on Ocean Drive that we find him most exposed.?! The Athens, Ga., beatsmith has spent years making his distinctly idiosyncratic music which has included time spent making headphone heavy boom bap to collectively conscious psychedelia.?! It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that his voice was ever heard on his recordings and it surprised so many longtime listeners that he was asked more than once who the MC was.?! Once he unleashed his lyrics, though, there really was no turning back.?! Although deftly skilled in the lab and a solid producer for multiple collaborations, WesdaRuler is a man, paradoxically, transitioning while arriving.?!

LP $17.75

09/13/2019 606822035413 

HHBTM 201 

***Rat Fancy unleashes nineties nostalgia and youthful abandon with their debut LP Stay Cool, Formed in late 2016 by Diana Barraza (vocals / lyrics / guitar) and Gregory Johnson (guitar / bass / drums / keys), the duo evolved their sound from shimmering lo-fi pop to heavy power pop.?! Recorded by David Newton of eighties indie pioneers The Mighty Lemon Drops, Stay Cool is unapologetic with themes touching on bad tattoos (“Stuck With You”) to immigration (“Must Be Nice”).?! From fuzzed out punk-pop (“Making Trouble”) to floor-shaking low end (“Never Is Forever”), Rat Fancy has never shown more compositional complexity and stylistic emotion than now.?! Today, Rat Fancy is Barraza, Johnson, with friends Matt Sturgis (drums) and Dan Fernandez (bass)..?!

LP $17.75

07/07/2019 616822033715 

HHTBM 198 

The Railway Prince Hotel by Tullycraft


The Railway Prince Hotel
Happy Happy Birthday To Me

***TULLYCRAFT is known for writing indie pop anthems.?! Over the years they've penned a handful of songs that practically define the twee movement in America.?! The chorus "Fuck me, I'm Twee!" was the refrain that launched a thousand t-shirts, “The Punks Are Writing Love Songs” introduced bratty punk to hummingbird twee, and "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid to Know About" encapsulated an entire music scene in a single song.?! And yet despite this, for most, the band exists somewhere near the edges of obscurity.?! Occasionally they receive a nod, like when their song “Superboy & Supergirl” was featured in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The End of the F***ing World, but these spotlights don’t tend to happen as frequently as one might think.?! While the mainstream has largely ignored Tullycraft, their status in the indie pop underground is undeniable.?!

LP $17.75

02/08/2019 616822033210 

HHBTM 196 

CD $13.75

02/08/2019 616822137529 


***One of the most eagerly anticipated albums in years, SKINNY GIRL DIET's follow up album Ideal Woman is already getting regular play on BBC Radio 6 (by Iggy Pop, no less) and the London band’s been featured in just about every music blog/magazine you can imagine.?! SGD is raw, bleeding, and beautiful, a perfect convergence of Angela Carter and Angela Davis and The Powerpuff Girls.?! Inspired by punk and grunge and being alive & awake in the 21st century, their sophomore album—self-released in the UK so they can control the product, released in the US on HHBTM Records b/c it’s the only label you can trust—is as cathartic & angry & moving as anything we’ve heard in a long time..?!

LP $17.75

01/25/2019 616822001974 

HHBTM 197 

***Part of the Elephant 6 Collective Athens, Georgia's MARSHMALLOW COAST have gone from psychedelic twee to yacht rock and now to '80s romantic new wave.?! The band members have changed a lot over the 10 albums, but it's always been ANDY GONZALES leading the project.?! Having spent time in both OF MONTREAL and THE MUSIC TAPES, Andy has toured the world and made countless fans..?!

LP $17.75

11/09/2018 616822031414 


***KLEENEX GIRL WONDER's Vana Mundi is a gloriously melodic dive into the deep alienation of contemporary life, with lyrics so simply profound that they have to be heard in order to be felt.?! It’s the most wondrous, hopeful album of GRAHAM SMITH's career, and it feels absolutely necessary that everyone hear it.?! In Latin, the album’s title means ‘Empty World.’ In Esperanto, the title means ‘Vain World,’ vain as in wasted effort, or the inflated ego—all is vanity.?! Either way, Smith knows all about emptiness, wasted effort, and inflated egos.?! The album is an attempt to come to try and understand those qualities as they exist within himself and those around him.?! And so Vana Mundi ends up tracing a journey, from a frustrated cynic trapped by their own psychic ice/isolation to someone reaching out to offer understanding and something not unlike love for their fellow humans.?!

LP $17.75

06/22/2018 701822775700 

MVZDM 001 

***Roadrunners by EUREKA CALIFORNIA comes a decade in for the band, and it’s a record only possible to write by having had that span of time to cycle through members, tour and sleep on endless floors or when there are no floors in the van at rest stops or Wal-Mart parking lots, argue over where to eat, turn around after missing exits, log those relentless hours of driving all day to get to the venue only to sit around hours and hours more ‘til performing.?! A decade of side hustles and and soul-sucking jobs just to be able to go on the road and continue the grind for those handful of minutes you get to perform or to record.?! Roadrunners, their fourth album in six years, had Eureka California returning to Leeds, UK, to record again with MJ of the band Hookworms at his Suburban Home Studios, and this second time around you can hear Eureka California being a bit more at home in the studio.?!

LP $17.75

05/11/2018 616822030714 

HHBTM 193 

CD $11.00

05/11/2018 616822135723 


***Black Wings was originally designed as a collection of outtakes, demos and experiments, combining beautifully layered acapella vocal harmonies with heavy fuzz riffs and sci-fi soundtrack synths, and was included in the Patterns of Light Limited Edition Super Set (2016) but quickly grew in stature and attracted attention as a fundamentally unique stand-alone release.?! Black Wings is a 30-song cosmic double album housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and collages an insane variety of styles including psychedelic rock, new age meditation, medieval choral, and the protometal prog of early Rush and Hawkwind, while lyrically covering heavily researched creation myths, visionary theology, particle physics, dragons and some feelings about the fundamental forces of nature and witchcraft.?! Black Wings is HIS NAME IS ALIVE's 101th release since their first cassette in 1986.?!

2XLP $26.95

04/06/2018 616822030417 


***The Model Minority LP is the first full-length release by Athens-based linguist-rapper MARIAH PARKER, whose scientific fixation with hip hop is obvious in the intricate rhymes she weaves over boom bap beats.?! Written and recorded while Parker completed a master’s degree in linguistics at the University of Georgia, The Model Minority LP tells unflinching tales of emotional instability on "Up Close" and "Eight Weeks," drug addiction on "Midnight Oil," race and politics on "The Con & The Can" and feminist swagger on "Gold Bike" and "Raww." Side-B of the album treats listeners to several remixes of previously released tracks as well as new collaborations with WESDARULER, also of Athens, and DOPEKNIFE of Savannah.?!

LP $16.35

02/23/2018 616822029114 


***"It was early 2008, THE WEDDING PRESENTt had recently finished a twentieth anniversary tour for George Best and, having played the entire album dozens of times, it was fresh under their fingers.?! So after they had wrapped up recording the El Rey album, DAVID suggested they record a 'live' version of it in the same studio.?! STEVE ALBINI, who they were recording with, wasn't too keen on the idea, but David assured him it would be quick and easy, so he reluctantly caved.?! David was right; it was quick, done live, more like a Beatles recording than a drawn out modern one with lots of overdubs and multi-track layering.?! I imagine this version of George Best is what David would have liked to record in 1987.?! It is just so well recorded, which you’d expect from Steve Albini.?! You can feel David’s 20 years older self guiding the new recording in the same direction, but with more experience and warmth.?!

LP $17.75

09/22/2017 616822028117 

HHBTM 190 

***Raised on a steady diet of Sarah records singles, Slumberland noise pop, and Creation-era shoegaze, Portland's A CERTAIN SMILE work hard to find that balance between the sweet twee, the fuzzy gaze, and punky pop.?! Their debut LP Fits & Starts walks that balance through 9 fuzzy pop tracks.?! Opening track "Hold On, Call" takes the sweet pastoral melodies of The Field Mice and marries it with a driving chorus that would fit in the C86 era.?! "Summer Blonde" evokes a smooth ride on light waves with a haunting melody.?! Leisure Class marries a catchy pop song with a message in the vein of McCarthy or the Housemartins.?! And closing track "Mexican Coke" has a nod to Midwestern indie rock and an explosive chorus that will have you humming along even after it’s finished.?! Housed in screen printed sleeves..?!

LP $15.50



Pcp Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr by Tunabunny


Pcp Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr
Happy Happy Birthday To Me

***A 75-minute double-vinyl masterpiece, PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr, the fifth album from Athens, Georgia’s TUNABUNNY, is the most creatively ambitious album in the band’s history.?! Featuring singles like ‘Incinerate,’ ‘The Rest of Us,’ and ‘Nevermind the Cobblestones,’ the band takes their experimental rock into a place that is both stranger and more accessible than anything they’ve done before.?! It’s ferocious, passionate, smart.?! political, desperate, feminist, and alive.?! Every song is important.?! Every song goes someplace the others don’t.?! There are no accidents; there is no filler.?! 28 songs structured as a song-by-song response to The Beatles’ White Album (there’s even an experimental track called ‘Revolution None’), PCPPAIWJR is packed with hits, and packed with originality.?! On PCPPAIWJR, Tunabunny proves they can do anything..?!

2XLP $21.75

06/23/2017 616822025314 

HHBTM 188 

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! FRED SCHNEIDER of the B-52's new project the SUPERIONS are a nonstop disco new wave party explosion for all generations.?! Since their Christmas record a couple of years back, pop dadaists Fred Schneider & The Superions have been roaming through their apartment, looking for the next party.?! Fred writes the words and sings the songs.?! NOAH and DAN make the music.?! Blame it on the wine.?! Blame it on Orlando, Florida.?! The Superions go where no one else dares to go—into the silly, the ridiculous, the fun, the insane..?!

LP $17.75

06/16/2017 616822025215 


CD $14.50

02/23/2018 616822134825 


***Dreaming of a world where reruns of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete are on every channel and kids are free to be as weird as they want to be, RAT FANCY emerges with their fiercely different brand of indie pop.?! Hailing from Los Angeles, CA—where despite all that sunshine you might choke on the smog and ambition all around you—Rat Fancy is ex-SWEATER GIRL DIANA BARRAZA (vocals/guitar), GREGORY JOHNSON (guitar / keyboard) and GAVIN GILDEWELL (drums).?! It’s a six-song EP about saying goodbye to all that, one kiss-off after another, possibly the sweetest collection of ‘fuck you’s ever committed to vinyl.?! Every track is a killer.?! Every track is a keeper.?! It’s the sound of being fucked up on pollen and sugar, skidding through a dizzy blissful spring of laughter and loss.?!

12" $14.50

05/26/2017 616822025413 


Wyatt At The Coyote Palace by Hersh, Kristin

Hersh, Kristin

Wyatt At The Coyote Palace
Happy Happy Birthday To Me

***Wyatt at the Coyote Palace is the 10th solo album from KRISTIN HERSH (THROWING MUSES, 50 FOOT WAVE) since her solo debut Hips & Makers in 1994.?! Wyatt at the Coyote Palace is a 24-track double album that was written over the last 5 years during a turbulent period of her life while also being inspired by her son Wyatt and his fascination with an abandoned apartment building that was inhabited by coyotes..?!

2XLP $25.95

04/07/2017 616822024713 


***In just under a year since releasing their last album Versus, EUREKA CALIFORNIA are back with a new single, “Wigwam.” The band had a set plan in mind when going into the studio: get in and knock it out and release a single to hold over ‘til recording the next full length.?! With Versus they went overseas to the UK and recorded with MJ at Suburban Home, but for “Wigwam” they decided to record here in their hometown of Athens, Georgia, with DAVE BARBE (Sugar / Mercyland / Dave Barbe & the Quick Hooks) at his Chase Park Transduction Studio.?! Wasting no time, they recorded and mixed the single in one afternoon.?! A single on a tight budget, three tracks in under 8 minutes, hand-decorated sleeves—everything about this is economical.?! Eureka California have two brand new tracks, “Wigwam” and “Only Birds (No Feathers),” and a cover of Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker.”.?!

7" $4.90


HHBTM 184 

***THE BASTARDS OF FATE sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before, a synthesis of everything that’s come before them, and a preview of everything that’s coming after.?! Their first two albums won praise from places like The Big Takeover (‘an uncompromising onslaught of demented pop’) and Magnet (‘walks the line between visionary and downright freaky.?! It’s a beautiful cacophony.’), but now that they’re on a real label, one that isn’t a weekend hobby, The Bastards of Fate are finally going to get the attention they deserve.?! With songs about the struggle to be human in an inhuman world, delivered through a combination of humor & dread that rings true on every level, Suck The Light Out is a sonic feast, a lyrical extravaganza, an album that goes where others are too cool to tread.?! It’s where science meets love, where suicide meets hope..?!

LP $17.75

02/24/2017 616822024416 

HHBTM 185 

***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! You Were A Diamond is a record that is both haunting and haunted (that cello, the way it mimics the scraping of fragmented skull against fragmented brain).?! Like paintings done on glass instead of canvas, fragile and yet somehow more luminous.?! CLEM SNIDE's music is impossible to reduce to a literal description—can’t call it alt-country when there’s a cello, call it lo-fi even though you’re able to hear every note, call it folk, even though there is a predominant electric guitar.?! All of this adds up to the most unlikely of sonics.?! Call it CLEM SNIDE.?! Or maybe call it the missing link between John Cale and Hank Williams.?! Even the band name, Clem Snide, sounds like a demented Flannery O’Connor character, But it’s actually from a William Burroughs novel.?! Originally released on CD in 1998 and then again in 2002.?! Received a 7.9 rating from Pitchfork..?!

LP $17.75



***‘Going, Going…’ is the title of the widely anticipated ninth studio album from UK indie darlings, THE WEDDING PRESENT, but, in typical Wedding Present fashion...?! it’s not a conventional release! Going, Going...?! tells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty ‘linked’ songs, each with an accompanying short film.?! Always challenging and experimental, the idea to release the new project in a multi-media format is something that has been marinating with bandleader DAVID GEDGE for some time.?!

LP+DVD $31.95



***One of the most eagerly anticipated albums in years, SKINNY GIRL DIET's Heavy Flow is already getting regular play on BBC Radio 6 (by Iggy Pop, no less) and the London band’s been featured in just about every music blog/magazine you can imagine.?! The band won’t even be old enough to drink during their upcoming US tour, and yet DELILAH HOLIDAY, URSULA HOLIDAY and AMELIA CARTER have been doing this for almost six years now.?! SGD is raw, bleeding, and beautiful, a perfect convergence of Angela Carter and Angela Davis and The Powerpuff Girls.?! Inspired by punk and grunge and being alive & awake in the 21st century, their debut album—self-released in the UK so they can control the product, released in the US on HHBTM Records.?! "OK" may be the best song ever written about watching a loved one struggle through depression.?!

LP $16.35


HBBTM 183 

***COWTOWN are to release their 4th studio LP Paranormal Romance this August 19th with Athens, Georgia label HHBTM Records in the USA.?! Formed in Leeds 12 years ago, but like Gang Of Four, born in a variety of other places, Cowtown play econo, dynamic, over-stimulated rock music that embraces a heavily abridged history of rock n’ roll.?! Serious about fun, the band are a firm favorite of BBC 6 DJ Mark Riley, performing music with an emphasis on positive expression and confronting collective anxieties, creating live shows that focus on what they enjoy and discarding the rest.?! Picking up from 2013’s Dudes Vs.?! Bad Dudes (released by TAAE and the band’s own label City Hands) their latest offering is wildly economic, clocking in at 23 mins across 12 tracks.?! Drawing influences from bands like The Coneheads, Devo and The Breeders, as well as films such as Teen Wolf and Ghostbusters, songs are later distilled into their absolute fundamentals.?!

LP $17.75



***In 2005 Take Fountain was the first WEDDING PRESENT album in nine years.?! The one before, Saturnalia, released in 1996, went Top Forty.?! Now in 2016 HHBTM Records releases the album for the first time on vinyl in the United States.?! The band's singer and major songwriter, DAVID GEDGE, has spent the intervening years releasing CINERAMA albums, culminating in the critically acclaimed Torino CD in 2002.?! The album was recorded in Seattle with STEVE FISK, who has also produced Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pavement, Low, and The Screaming Trees.?! In addition, he produced a previous Wedding Present album, Watusi, for Island Records.?! Fountain, incidentally, is a main East to West avenue in L.A.?!

2XLP $27.85


HHBTM 176 

***CINERAMA, DAVID GEDGE’s ‘other’ band, are set to release a new album, Valentina, on the 10th June via HHBTM Records.?! David is best known as the guiding force behind indie rock legends THE WEDDING PRESENT and Valentina is actually a radical reworking of The Wedding Present’s eighth studio album of the same name which was released in 2012 to critical acclaim.?! Harboring a long-term dream to record one version of an album as The Wedding Present and another (with re-imagined songs) as Cinerama, David’s initial plan was to release two albums simultaneously but he soon realized that this was an undertaking that would take many years to accomplish.?! So, after deciding on using Valentina for this ambitious project, the decision was made to stagger the releases to allow time to complete the complex arrangements involved with the Cinerama version.?!

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***This LA-based power trio formed in 2003 by KRISTIN HERSH and BERNARD GEORGES of THROWING MUSES (with ROB AHLERS on drums), was named after the lowest note audible to human ears.?! The band was intended as an outlet for the noise/math rock pieces that didn't fit the aesthetic of Throwing Muses or Kristin Hersh's solo work.?! Their most successful and influential release, 2009's Power + Light, is thirty minutes of non-stop music, a barrage of free-form sound that found the band challenging its own complex song structure.?! Drowned in Sound wrote, "Kristin Hersh has flared back to ravenous, inferno intensity with the excoriating Power + Light, which feels neither selfindulgent nor like many tracks cobbled together, but bruisingly visceral." This year's Bath White is their sixth release.?! Again, they've chosen to work with Los Angeles producer MUDROCK, best known for his work with Godsmack.?!

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***‘Summer’s here and the time is right for getting blackout drunk in the street.’ EUREKA CALIFORNIA's going way too fast, and if they don’t slow down they’re gonna crash.?! Like peak Elvis Costello, they think if they keep the wisecracks and the puns coming fast enough they can avoid facing the truth—that death comes for everyone and nothing dies faster than dreams.?! Versus, their 3rd album in 3 years, is the first one recorded in a studio and it gives EC a power they’ve never had before.?! It’s incredible that two people can make such a big sound, but JAKE WARD and MARIE A.?! UHLER have developed a near-telepathic ability after years of playing together, and while they’ve always been good, Versus is their first stab at greatness, soaked in television and gin and the kind of language you hear everyday but you never heard quite like this.?!

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***The winners want us to believe the world is beautiful, but WITCHING WAVES has seen the world and knows this is a lie—that everything is lost and nothing is to be trusted.?! We saw them open for Eureka California in the UK last year and couldn’t get the songs out of our head so we’ve jumped on the second album.?! EMMA WIGHAM, MARK JASPER and ED SHELLARD are Witching Waves, and they sound like exiles in their own country.?! Because this music is rooted in UK DIY and the only alternative to the clean smiles of 21st century surface life is dirty frowns, you might hear the fuzz, the flattened shouts, and think you’ve heard it before, but then you notice the guitars at the end of ‘Red Light,’ how they swell & buzz like an attack of locusts, and the oceanic rise & fall of album closer ‘Flowers’ and you realize that in their endless explorations of black & white, WW has created a universe of infinite textures and shade..?!

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